About Bid2Recharge

About Bid2Recharge

www.bid2recharge.in is an exciting online portal (Online Recharge, Online Shopping etc.) services offered by JTS Trademart Pvt. Ltd. Bid2Recharge is a unit of JTS Trademart Pvt. Ltd. Bid2Recharge is in the business of Web, WAP & Text based Value Added Services, Products, Platforms & Solutions for consumers and corporate customers. The consumer centric services offered by Bid2Recharge range from Permission Based Content Sales, Contesting, Utility Based Services like Digital Classified Platform and Home Shopping. The corporate solutions include be-spoke solutions for enterprises based on the need of a business and Brand specific lead generation solutions and recall centric solutions.

Currently Bid2Recharge boasts of the best talent from telco & media industries which has resulted in a world class team of entrepreneurs who are looking forward to aggressively march ahead in the Web & VAS domain. The guiding principle of Bid2Recharge is constantly innovate, ideate & initiate to create best services & solutions.

Mission and Visionary Goal To be the most notable digital consumer services enterprise by offering unique, user friendly and consumer insight driven pioneering services created and driven by the best man-power in the industry.

Welcome at Bid2Recharge to join a life long business opportunity with us Recharge is stands among best Online Mobile Recharge Service Provider including all major mobile operators and DTH recharge. Become a part of this giant in a really small investment. Start today for a better future. Start your own mobile recharge business with us. Establishment of higher marketing standard is a key of global market structure. Every financial standard and life standard of people is always depends on marketing strategy. Impost Money brings you a standard and all new marketing plan in network marketing.

Bid2Recharge that floated to aggregate, commoditize and distribute the services in most convenient form to the consumers. The motto of the company is to give convenience and value to all its customers who are looking for online mobile recharge related services. As a corporate we are committed to develop new strategies and influence business transformations with smart thinking expertise. Our business expertise aims to address the prevailing gaps in various service sectors. We Endeavour to influence business service modules by riding on the advantage of IT innovations. We work towards creating a technological environment which delivers high performance, saves time & money and higher customer satisfaction within the service sectors.

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